Common Questions

(and our answers)
At Cräveble our goal is to provide you with delicious, lovingly prepared Signature Dishes from mom & pop restaurants in neighborhoods around the country for less than if you dined in.
It’s easy peasy! Just pick your favorite dishes (Minimum of 6, and 8 gets you free shipping), checkout and UPS will deliver them to your porch in a day or two! (Delivery days depend on when your order is placed. We will let you know during checkout when you will receive your order.) Currently we ship to the 7 western states. Nationwide shipping coming soon!
Nope, we source Signature Dishes from exceptional mom & pop restaurants in different cities. Most likely your food has been made in small batches by the owners themselves.
Most of our servings are for an individual person, however, some of our items serve 2 or more which will be stated in the description.
Great question! Most of our competitors make their own food in generic commercial kitchens (or even random “meal prep”). We source all of our delicious dishes from highly rated & local restaurants. That means we’re sending you delicious, crave-able meals you’ll look forward to, all while supporting local mom & pop restaurants.
Heck no! Just order when you want more delicious meals. However, soon we will launch a new feature that will allow you to schedule your orders up to 8 weeks in advance. Mmmmmmmmm....
Yep, just 6 items, but order 8 for free shipping!
Yes, you will get free shipping if you order any 8 or more signature dishes or desserts. Orders with less than 8 meals will incur a $9.99 shipping fee per box.
YES! Our boxes, insulation, gel packs, trays and lids are all recyclable....Go Earth!
Currently, we ship to Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Washington. Orders placed Monday through Thursday by Noon should receive their Cräveble box in 1 - 2 days depending on their location. Orders placed after Noon on Thursday will take a bit longer. You will see your delivery day at checkout.
We accept most major credit, debit cards and PayPal. Soon we will accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.
We suggest to place the meals into your refrigerator immediately unless the item has a "Freeze Me" sticker and then toss those items into your freezer. You should enjoy the meals by the "use-by" date on each meal.
Totally! You get free shipping at 8 signature dishes and/or desserts, and then you get an additional 5% off when ordering 12 meals, and 10% off when your order for the crew at 16+ fabulous signature dishes. Woohoo!
Yes, absolutely! We always recommend enjoying our lunches, dinners, and desserts fresh, but if you'd like to pop them in the freezer, be sure to do so before the 'use-by' date indicated on the packaging. Our dishes reheat best if you allow them to fully thaw in the fridge for 24 hours before heating.
Great question...We seal, blast freeze and then ship your meals with the highest quality gel packs and the thickest insulation in our industry to keep them at refrigerated temperatures from our facility to your fridge. Keep in mind that it is normal for the gel packs to be slightly melted by the time they arrive. This is because they release cold air into the box as they melt. You should transfer the meals to the fridge immediately upon arrival.
Most meals only need 2 - 3 minutes in the microwave. If meals have been frozen, allow to thaw before cooking per the package instructions. You can also experiment with the use of air fryers, a skillet or your oven to heat the food. Our trays are microwavable. If you heat or cook your items in a manner other than a microwave, please remove the item from our trays.
Nope, you DO NOT need to be home to receive your meals! We ship our meals in insulated boxes with gel packs that will keep the box at refrigerated temperatures! Keep in mind that it is normal for the gel packs to be slightly melted by the time they arrive. You should transfer the meals to the fridge immediately.
Our restaurant partners Signature Dishes have a refrigerated shelf life of about 5-7 days. Every dish has a “use by” date on the label to indicate expiration. Please be sure to enjoy or freeze meals before this date to ensure freshness. Meals can remain frozen for up to 3 months.
If you own or manage a restaurant that offers delicious, authentic food, please reach out via our contact page or email us at [email protected].
We strive to provide accurate food allergy warnings for all our meals. However, since our meals are prepared in partner restaurants, Cräveble cannot guarantee the absence of allergens. For the safety of those with food allergies, we recommend contacting the respective restaurants directly to confirm the ingredients and allergen information. Your health and safety are our top priority, and we encourage you to take this extra step to ensure a safe dining experience.